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The Lost Boys were born in Hollywood... no, not on the Big Screen (but good guess!) They are part of a movement from Hollywood Boulevard to Santa Monica bringing a sweeping 80s revival which has been brewing for the past five years across Southern California.

The Lost Boys were originally called "The Knight Riders," but after a bitter dispute over Peter Pan, the band decided "The Lost Boys" would be a more appropriate name. It stuck. And the rest, as they say, is history... (or will be, whenever "Behind The Music" comes out.)

LA bands such as Metal Skool, The M-80s, The Atomic Punks, Fast Times, Valley Dolls, and Beat It have been gaining popularity and strength not just among traditional 80s fans but with a whole new generation of young, late teen fans, too. Simply put, the 80s are back. And in a very big way! (What can we say? We don't want to grow up... we're all Toys 'R Us kids.)

With crowded dance floors & screaming chicks (who cares about the dudes?) many clubs are throwing 80s theme nights.  And the 80s aren't just for average joes...
On any given night, A-list celebrities can be found basking in the 80s glow of nostalgic hits and unforgettable fashions. (Yes, that includes Pam Anderson... Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Shannon Elizabeth, to drop a few names.) From the Strip to Westwood, the 80s aren't just being remembered... they're being reborn every night.

And now The Lost Boys have rolled into H-town. Renee lives for the 80s, Andrew
doesn't even want to think about life without the 80s (afterall, is there such a thing?) With a name like Jason (and being a Friday the 13th fan), how could our beloved bass player think of anything but the 80s? Mando is stuck back there, too. And Mike has done his part professionally to keep the 80s alive.

Producing a special "Back To The Eighties" tribute in 2002, he brought the original band Berlin to Houston to perform on the show. And in 1999, he co-produced the reunion concert of The Go-Go's live from NYC. (yes, Belinda Carlisle fell in love with him...  how could she resist?) And now, we bring you... The Lost Boys!

So, join the club today.... and Get Lost!
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